1. BREAKING NEWS: Adventure Time is rad

    Just in case anyone who knows me is not yet aware, Adventure Time is by far my favourite show on TV, and easily makes my top 3 shows I’ve ever loved in my life, ever.

    I just read an interview with the creator, Mr. Pen Ward, and he’s just such a neat guy and I’m just the right amount of caffeinated right now that I just needed to express this to all 7 of the people who may happen upon my lonely little tumblr blog.

    If you haven’t yet experienced Adventure Time, I can’t suggest it highly enough.  Any episode will do.  There are fewer than 5 episodes in its 4 seasons that I wouldn’t describe as ball-meltingly awesome, and even then are miles more enjoyable than all twenty of the shows that Seth McFarlane dude is pooping out.

    The first season finally comes out on DVD on July 10th and I’m gonna buy it like 10 times just so Pen Ward and his buddies can have more money.

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